Vinzenz Stemberg (erlkonigvinz) wrote in maleequality,
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An open message to any and all hedonists/polygamists.

Use condoms! Wait, what's that I hear? You're having a hard time keeping it up because latex covers up too much feeling, and so you'd prefer to risk it and go without? Why, guess who you have to blame for that! Paediatricions and religious quacks who think circumcision is cleaner! So now that you know what causes yer manhood to not feel as much excitement as when you're flapping around unprotected in the wind, you should also have figured out who best to complain to.

This thought just came into my head as I was talking to a swinger couple while at the local mechanic's, and the guy mentioned he would never use condoms. I pried and pried and got him to reveal he was cut. I think this is one pretty large reason for the STD rise lately, older men are not able to feel as much with their penis as they used to, and are therefore shunning condoms. If they had functionally complete nerve endings a lot more people would probably use condoms, as they wouldn't lose as much sensitivity by participating in sex 'fully clothed.'
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