Vinzenz Stemberg (erlkonigvinz) wrote in maleequality,
Vinzenz Stemberg

Good news on the circumcision front.

"The mother, 31, is a homemaker from Northbrook, Illinois. She says two doctors recommended the procedure for health reasons."
AAARGH, again with the health reason bullshit. Stupid cunt. >|

"CHICAGO (AFP) - A clash over of their son's circumcision has landed the parents of an eight-year-old Illinois boy in a US court where there is no apparent precedent.

A Cook County judge ordered the mother in the case not to have her son circumcised until the court can hear arguments from the child's father, who opposes the operation, and decide if it is in the boy's best interest."

"When the divorced parents appeared Friday in Cook County Circuit Court, Judge Jordan Kaplan got the two sides to agree that the child would not be circumcised 'until further order of (the) court.'

He also also ordered them not to discuss the case with their child."

I'm gonna remember this judge's name, if I ever pass through the Midwest again I'm taking him out to dinner, at the most posh upscale place possible!

I hope this goes far enough that it becomes the Roe v. Wade for males.
I also like the picture Yahoo chose to put on the sidebar. Gee, wonder which side they're for.
LOOK YOU STUPID BITCHES AND CHRISTIANS, DOES THAT LITTLE GUY *LOOK* HAPPY TO YOU? HELL NO HE DON'T! Reminds me of how animals going off to be neutered look.
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