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Man..talk about stupidity at it's finest, kids.


This person is so fricking arrogant..ugh: "But you have to look at this picture from all angles. Much evil has come to men through Patriarchy. In spite of the economic blessings they have been spiritually poor. They have sinned. They have sinned badly and they have lost their souls. (The saints say this.) Furthermore, leading women is not natural for men. They have been put into unsuitable roles and have lost the gentle nature or have had to squash it down. The lifestyle of all this pretence to dominance has been a sham and a strain on their psyche. They need and fear women but have to hide their dependency behind a facade. Taking off their masks and just being themselves - great big boys who need a Mother - will be a relief for them. Let Mother take charge, because she can do a better job than you, my boy!"

Yes, let's show on how men should be dependant making ones stance look even worse, shall we? Ugh.

She also mutilates it by going "Herstory" instead of "History" in certain parts because omg..can't have a male word in there! Also relates to God as "MotherGod".

I think this person is a genuine nutcase, how about you guys? XD

That site just pisses me off and I see it as a setback to any sort of equality whatsoever by her acting this way. :(
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