Velex (velex) wrote in maleequality,

(crosspost) re: Downey Elementary School

erlkonigvinz posted a link to a rather disturbing article in a reply to one of his posts. A young boy who was the victim of sexual harassment from one of his female classmates has been placed on a three day suspension from school. The girl who sexually harassed him has not been disciplined at all; the school views her as the victim.

When I get access to a printer, I will be sending an inquisitive letter to the principal to figure out why she thinks that a boy six years away from puberty is capable of sexual harassment. I also want to find out why she has not disciplined the girl who initiated the sexual contact.

This is the contact information for the principal as best as I can assess:

Diane C. Gosselin
Office of the Principal
55 Electric Avenue
Brockton, MA  02302

I expect a reply to my questions, but I have a feeling that I will not receive a response from this feminist crusader of a principal unless a lot of other people send letters as well. Once I've found a printer, I will link to a copy of the letter I send.

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