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maleequality's Journal

For males who want the same rights as females
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This is a community for males who are interested in being equal to females. In this society, females may wear more kinds of and more interesting clothes than males, especially while on the job. Additionally, females have scholarships available to them simply because of how they were born, and females are often offered jobs before and given more chances on the jobs than males in the interests of "affirmative action." When they're off the job, females enjoy a post hoc protection on their sexuality. As a society, we have said that females may declare any action by any male to be anything from sexual harassment to rape even days after she consented to the action. If sexual harassment and rape are such volatile things, then males must have that same right to confront females who sexually harass, molest, and rape them, even after they've consented. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, most males' genitals are mutilated at birth against their will. This is an atrocity that must stop. Females have legal protection for their genitals and may get a redress of greviences years after any normal medical malpractice lawsuit would be past its statute of limitations (normally two years), however a mutilated man who suffers, usually both physically and psychologically, may not get any redress of greviences, ever.