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An open message to any and all hedonists/polygamists.

Use condoms! Wait, what's that I hear? You're having a hard time keeping it up because latex covers up too much feeling, and so you'd prefer to risk it and go without? Why, guess who you have to blame for that! Paediatricions and religious quacks who think circumcision is cleaner! So now that you know what causes yer manhood to not feel as much excitement as when you're flapping around unprotected in the wind, you should also have figured out who best to complain to.

This thought just came into my head as I was talking to a swinger couple while at the local mechanic's, and the guy mentioned he would never use condoms. I pried and pried and got him to reveal he was cut. I think this is one pretty large reason for the STD rise lately, older men are not able to feel as much with their penis as they used to, and are therefore shunning condoms. If they had functionally complete nerve endings a lot more people would probably use condoms, as they wouldn't lose as much sensitivity by participating in sex 'fully clothed.'
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i've been reading posts in this community for a while, and i have a question about circumcision. i personally am against it because i very much dislike the idea of doing something virtually irreversable to someone who can't consent. i've talked about this a bit with my girlfriend, and while she agrees with me in a way, it's also important to her that if we have kids, they're raised jewish. how do you (both the OP and others in the community) get around religious issues like that?
I'm not sure to say to you. Using the story about Abraham to support genital mutilation is just as sane as saying that the Flying Spaghetti Monster wants all females to be without clitoral hoods.

When I was cut like my father and his father before him, and our fathers after they passed the Causcus mountains (or whatever), and our fathers all the way back to Abraham, the idea was that we'd get rich somehow. It seemed to work out for my dad, but something went wrong with me. Maybe it was all those defective circumcision blades they found a decade ago? So here I am with genitals that will never function properly, no riches to boot, kicked out of home by a very angry father. Why? Because I didn't like painful erections and decided I'd rather be a girl.

In the USA, it's illegal to remove a female's clitoral hood. It's doesn't matter how strongly the father of the girl believes that his god of war wants that clitoral hood gone, if he removes it, he'll be put in jail. We need the same laws protecting male genitals. I'm not going to try to validate your religion just the same as we don't try to validate religions that recommend female circumcision.

The practice of performing unnecessary cosmetic surgery on a human being who cannot consent is contrary to the idea of human rights, and I believe from personal experience that infant circumcision may carry unresearched psychological consequences. A piece of anecdotal evidence: when I was born, several things happened. I was to be birthed vaginally, but somehow my umbilical cord had wrapped itself around my neck, and I'd be dead if not for a c-section. I don't have any memory of that happening, but to this day, I can't wear anything around my neck at all. It's far too uncomfortable -- to me chokers and ties are insane. But, that's just me and the product of a trauma that happened to me as an infant. What are the consequences of what they did to me two weeks later? That's the risk you're taking with your child. Just because medical science has turned a blind eye to male genital mutilation to please your people does not mean that it is without consequence.

Just as Moslems have given up female genital mutilation, so must Hebrews give up male genital mutilation.
Sorry for the double post, but here are some things that might help:

I hope you make the decision to let your son decide for himself whether to be cut when he becomes an adult.
Well, since most religious stuff that came about during that time was about instilling cleanliness from what I've seen, since it could be a month or two in between the next bath and diseases pass around a lot faster in warm climates, I would say you should see if you can find a rabbi you can contact through one of those links Velex provided, and ask why they've chosen to ignore that part. That would probably be the easiest way to find out. I'm betting it's pretty close to my hypothesis there, as to why they discontinued advocating circumcision. Seems to me like it's a correlation error the monotheistic religions make, if you get sick then cutting off bits of that part of the body before will prevent others from contracting the same sickness.

Guess that's one benefit to being Norse, nothing like that was ever spoken of in the Eddas! (Though Odin himself did *something* down there that wasn't fully explained. As he healed in only nine days though it obviously wasn't permanent. I've studied them for eight years and never come up with a reference of doing it to children, however.)