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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
2:01 am
cross-post, poll
I'll ask again:

Am I the only person who remembers how often teachers used to deny boys priveleges given to girls because "boys aren't mature enough?"
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
12:26 am

I'm going to the bar after work on Friday with my boyfriend. He shot his mouth off, though, and invited a female coworker.

I've compiled a short list of easy things I can do to protect myself from an accusation of date rape:

  • Check IDs.
  • Don't buy a female a drink.
  • Don't let a female in to or on to my property or property that's leased to me.
  • Don't respond to any sexual advance.

Is there anything else that I can do?

P.S. I don't want to refuse to go, because I also want to protect my boyfriend at the same time by doing these things and being a witness if he get accused and vice-versa.

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
2:16 pm
An open message to any and all hedonists/polygamists.
Use condoms! Wait, what's that I hear? You're having a hard time keeping it up because latex covers up too much feeling, and so you'd prefer to risk it and go without? Why, guess who you have to blame for that! Paediatricions and religious quacks who think circumcision is cleaner! So now that you know what causes yer manhood to not feel as much excitement as when you're flapping around unprotected in the wind, you should also have figured out who best to complain to.

This thought just came into my head as I was talking to a swinger couple while at the local mechanic's, and the guy mentioned he would never use condoms. I pried and pried and got him to reveal he was cut. I think this is one pretty large reason for the STD rise lately, older men are not able to feel as much with their penis as they used to, and are therefore shunning condoms. If they had functionally complete nerve endings a lot more people would probably use condoms, as they wouldn't lose as much sensitivity by participating in sex 'fully clothed.'

Current Mood: thoughtful
Monday, February 20th, 2006
7:41 am
Good news on the circumcision front.

"The mother, 31, is a homemaker from Northbrook, Illinois. She says two doctors recommended the procedure for health reasons."
AAARGH, again with the health reason bullshit. Stupid cunt. >|

"CHICAGO (AFP) - A clash over of their son's circumcision has landed the parents of an eight-year-old Illinois boy in a US court where there is no apparent precedent.

A Cook County judge ordered the mother in the case not to have her son circumcised until the court can hear arguments from the child's father, who opposes the operation, and decide if it is in the boy's best interest."

"When the divorced parents appeared Friday in Cook County Circuit Court, Judge Jordan Kaplan got the two sides to agree that the child would not be circumcised 'until further order of (the) court.'

He also also ordered them not to discuss the case with their child."

I'm gonna remember this judge's name, if I ever pass through the Midwest again I'm taking him out to dinner, at the most posh upscale place possible!

I hope this goes far enough that it becomes the Roe v. Wade for males.
I also like the picture Yahoo chose to put on the sidebar. Gee, wonder which side they're for.
LOOK YOU STUPID BITCHES AND CHRISTIANS, DOES THAT LITTLE GUY *LOOK* HAPPY TO YOU? HELL NO HE DON'T! Reminds me of how animals going off to be neutered look.
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
10:59 am
Man..talk about stupidity at it's finest, kids.

This person is so fricking arrogant..ugh: "But you have to look at this picture from all angles. Much evil has come to men through Patriarchy. In spite of the economic blessings they have been spiritually poor. They have sinned. They have sinned badly and they have lost their souls. (The saints say this.) Furthermore, leading women is not natural for men. They have been put into unsuitable roles and have lost the gentle nature or have had to squash it down. The lifestyle of all this pretence to dominance has been a sham and a strain on their psyche. They need and fear women but have to hide their dependency behind a facade. Taking off their masks and just being themselves - great big boys who need a Mother - will be a relief for them. Let Mother take charge, because she can do a better job than you, my boy!"

Yes, let's show on how men should be dependant making ones stance look even worse, shall we? Ugh.

She also mutilates it by going "Herstory" instead of "History" in certain parts because omg..can't have a male word in there! Also relates to God as "MotherGod".

I think this person is a genuine nutcase, how about you guys? XD

That site just pisses me off and I see it as a setback to any sort of equality whatsoever by her acting this way. :(

Current Mood: aggravated
10:18 am
Hey, how accurate is this?

Seems like a nicely done summary of the history of homophobia. I'm doing some reading on various homosexual/TG things because a few of the conservative 'macho idiot' mancoats (especially khankrum) are using increasingly violent language regarding anything not 100% straight, as if somehow gay/civil rights is to blame for feminism. I want to try and bash them over the head a few times with summaries like these, once I find enough of them.
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
12:46 pm
3:51 am
Ridiculously light sentence.
Only 7 years for selectively starving her adopted children!

Just because they didn't die, the evil boy-hating cunt got off light! Only 7 damn years for ruining her male children's developing lives! Thanks a lot for encouraging this behavior, Judge Millenky!

"Bruce Jackson, who spent 12 years under Vanessa Jackson's care, told about how he and his adoptive brothers were forced to sit on stairs in the family's Collingswood houses while the Jacksons' biological children, two adopted daughters and foster daughter were allowed to lead more normal lives."

They don't tell you what the biological children are, but I'm willing to bet they're all female too. Ah well, at least they got a good compensation...though I'd have to know what it is after taxes and court costs, greedy fucking 'justice system,' I can't believe they would ever award a flat sum.
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
1:15 am
(crosspost) re: Downey Elementary School

erlkonigvinz posted a link to a rather disturbing article in a reply to one of his posts. A young boy who was the victim of sexual harassment from one of his female classmates has been placed on a three day suspension from school. The girl who sexually harassed him has not been disciplined at all; the school views her as the victim.

When I get access to a printer, I will be sending an inquisitive letter to the principal to figure out why she thinks that a boy six years away from puberty is capable of sexual harassment. I also want to find out why she has not disciplined the girl who initiated the sexual contact.

This is the contact information for the principal as best as I can assess:

Diane C. Gosselin
Office of the Principal
55 Electric Avenue
Brockton, MA  02302

I expect a reply to my questions, but I have a feeling that I will not receive a response from this feminist crusader of a principal unless a lot of other people send letters as well. Once I've found a printer, I will link to a copy of the letter I send.

Saturday, February 11th, 2006
9:14 am
Since Truth is MIA and I can't get to the other one...
Looks like just a nice little support group for eunuchs, and those who wish they were right? Yeeeah....well, maybe if there weren't no feminists there.



read the stories by the women. (especially Ms. Athena) HOLY.
Just look for a randomly feminine name and click to see ever increasingly misandrist fantasies.

"A woman is surprised at home by an naked intruder. His intent is to rape, she must defend herself at all costs. Can she strike a blow against male terrorism or will she be just another victim?"

Just five examples of probably 85% of the whole story archive.
Monday, January 30th, 2006
2:12 pm
End genital mutilation (circumcision) now through signing this petition!


I found it on the mens_studies community.

Current Mood: hopeful
1:51 pm
Hi, I am a female who wants equality of both sexes. I would join a feminist community but after seeing how badly it degraded into females wanting power over the males and saying that they have no need for them, it turned me off to the idea.

There is a lot of injustice of males in the world including for those who get raped by the females. Of course the media as well as society would never acknowledge this but I am hoping that one day there will be as numerous help centers for male victims in relation to this as they are for females.

I agree that circumcision should be banned because there is no health benefits whatsoever that I can see from someone getting it done. I think it's a barbaric practice along with any form of genital mutilation and it should be outlawed.

There should be more shows that show that men are not these sex-crazed machines that feminazis want the public to believe. As well as not show that the men are just out to fight like "barbarians" which again is what feminazis want the public to believe.

I am proud to be a part of this community and I hope to see it grow and be a real place where men and women can be equal rather than it degrading into either extremes in regards of rights.

Thank you.

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
7:38 pm
My boyfriend's brother has been accused of rape by a girl he had consenual sex with. He's being held on a warrant right now and he'll probably be convicted since clearly this girl wants a free ride. Does anyone know of any way I can help him out?
Monday, January 16th, 2006
8:40 pm
forget it
Men don't want equality. Men just want pussy.
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
2:37 pm

Hi. I'm a male who's interested in seeing other males achieve equality to females.

  • Females enjoy many more rights and priveleges than males in this society.
    • Their genitals are protected from mutilation at birth.
    • They may withdraw consent for a sexual act even after the act has completed.
    • They may wear casual clothes at a formal job, and even off the clock, we view it as acceptable for them to wear traditionally male outfits.
  • We encourage females to learn skills and work for a living, but we still discourage males from learning how to cook and clean.
  • A male who wants to raise children can even become a pedophile in this society based on no evidence except feminists have declared all men rapists.
  • Females may become homosexual without fear of consequence in their professional or personal lives, where males who become homosexual are pariahs.
  • We even encourage females to practically become males and we allow them to enjoy the "girl things" that their birth condition gives them
    • But our society cannot allow a male to even think about intruding into those "girl things" that his birth condition denies him.
  • For the male who wants to live a non-traditional life, our society gives only rejection and greif
    • But for a female who wants to live a non-traditional life, or society gives reward and praise.

The most disturbing to me, though, is how females have achieved a "my body, my choice" right that allows them to abort new life even after agreeing to create life, much to the dismay of the other person in her life who made it possible. Where is the equivalent "my body, my choice" right for a male's own body?

Circumcision is the big issues facing males in today's culture. Males have no "my body, my choice" right, because it is forcefully and traumatically removed along with their foreskin at birth. To grant males this right to "my body, my choice" we don't even have to angst over whether a baby is born at conception or when it breathes its first breaths. The only thing standing in the way of this basic right for males is a little angst over a rare form of cancer. I think that males are intelligent enough to choose for themselves when they come of age whether a foreskin is something they want or not. That's the essence of "my body, my choice" for males.

Males must be equal to females.

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